Indian Remy hair is considered the best hair in the world. While most companies procure hair in bulk in auctions, we choose to pay more and hand pick our hair from the source so we can pick the best hair. Our procurement officers personally visit and hand pick the hair and bring it our processing units. All the hair is ethically.



All major suppliers globally, buy processed hair and label their brand on it. You should ask your supplier if their have their own processing unit to know the truth. At BB Remy, we process the hair in our own processing plant, where we employ only the most skilled artisans while also training them on how to use the latest technology.

Apart from providing the best working conditions, we also have a lot of empowerment programs to improve the employees in india with our 'Hair Heirs' program

Direct Supply:

We make it simple and transparent, Right from placing an order quickly and with utmost ease to tracking your shipment. We bring the costs down by avoiding middlemen and distributing our product from factory to you. From packaging to shipping, we do it ourselves and provide complete tracking to you.

You don’t like the product, we shall take it back with no questions asked…


Hair Heirs


‘Avoid We’

When you buy hair from us, we would like to give a part of your benevolence to the artisans and workers from the factory. The women and children of our factory workers will get education and better living standards thanking you for your business.

We contribute a part of our revenue to our social responsibility trust, which helps these workers. So you hair has heirs in the developing country….what is a better way to look good and also do good to the world…